A wellness treatment for our spa

In order to be able to offer our guests a satisfying experience and a relaxing stay, we need to undertake some maintenance work. 

Due to this the spa is temporarily out of order, we appreciate your understanding. 


The new annex of our hotel houses an extensive wellness area and is designed according to state-of-the-art spa architecture.

Relaxing applications and a resting area make you forget your every-day life.


Mild heat and smooth, aromatic mist await you at our Rassoul.

Enjoy an all-body massage with oriental healing earth or Dead Sea sludge and experience the unique sensation of an all-body peeling.

Relaxation in the whirlpool

Body-temperature water agitated by massage and air jets bubble you into relaxation.

Enjoy individual all-body massages that sooth your every-day life stress.

Hot tubs

Tirolean farm sauna

Mild and moist heat purges and relaxes your body and builds physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Steam bath

Steam and heat relax your body and build physical and mental well-being.

chill-out area
changing room
Kneipp basin
chill-out area